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Trivia Night FAQ

Below are a list of questions we are often asked about Can Do Cancer Trivia Night. If you can't find the answer below, please email

What time should I arrive?

The doors open at 5:30pm. People start to trickle in, check in/receive their table number, find their table and get settled. The event is very fast paced once it starts at 7:00, so it’s actually kind of nice to come early to have more time to socialize and get your eye on some of the auction items so you can start bidding.

What do people do until the 7:00pm start time?

People usually mingle and eat with others at their table. They also visit with people they know out and around in the venue. Many people will start to browse and bid on the silent auction items, purchase mulligans, etc.

What should I wear?

Dress is very casual for this event. Many people wear jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Some people also wear business casual. A few tables might design and wear matching shirts if they are supporting a specific fighter/survivor. Please wear what you are comfortable in.

Are there food and drinks at the event?

Food is tailgate style and brought in by participants for themselves. If your table wants to eat throughout the night (and most do!), please bring whatever you would like. People bring things you would typically see at a tailgate…cheese and crackers, wings, sandwiches, chips, pizza, fruits and veggies, desserts etc. There is also an option to order meal deals that will be delivered to the venue, but this has to be done by a certain date prior to the event. There is not a way for you to plug in a crockpot or heat food up in a microwave, so please do not bring anything requiring this. 

Will there be alcohol at the event?

We are not allowed to sell alcohol, but attendees can bring beer (in cans only) or wine. DMACC does not allow glass bottles (other than wine bottles, which must stay at the table) or hard alcohol at the venue.

Is this an event where kids are welcome?

This isn’t the most kid friendly event. Unfortunately there isn’t much extra space for kids to get up and move around. The questions are more geared at the adult level, and it gets pretty long for little ones to sit at a table for this long.

What form of payment can I use to purchase a raffle ticket?

We will accept cash, checks, Venmo and credit cards for raffle purchases.

How will I know what table I am at?

When you check in, you will need to know your team captain’s name or your team name. The person at the check in table will then tell you which number your table is. All tables will have numbers sticking out of a centerpiece.

Do I need decorations for my table?

No, you do not. If you are bringing food, there really isn’t a lot of room on the tables for much else. Can Do Cancer will have a little centerpiece with your table number on it. 

How long does the event last?

We will have 10 rounds of trivia. It’s hard to say for sure an exact ending time, but we usually try our best to have everything wrapped up by 10:30 p.m.. Most years, we have a bar or restaurant nearby that has offered us a space for attendees to have an after party.

What form of payment is accepted if I end up winning auction items?

We will accept cash, checks, Venmo and credit cards at the event.

If I win a silent auction item, when do I receive it?

The silent auction normally ends after round 7 of trivia. After that, everything is figured up and someone will come to your table to have you pay for your item(s). Someone else will bring your item to your table for you to take home.

What is the format/schedule of the evening?

  • 5:30pm doors open
  • 7:00pm event is kicked off, short speaker or video, details shared about the night and the rounds of trivia begin
  • 10:30pm approximate end time