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There are a variety of resources available to breast cancer patients, but figuring out where to start can be intimidating. 

Check with your hospital/cancer center to find out what resources are available to you locally (counseling, care coordinators, classes, support groups…etc.). Here are some additional resources:

Health information

Learn about types of breast cancer, dictionary of cancer terms, treatment options and effectiveness, clinical trials for new experimental therapies, and more. Click on the links below.

  • There is important information in the pathology report (the analysis of the cancerous breast tissue) that will help drive treatment options. This web site provides easy to understand information about your pathology report.

  • Above + Beyond Cancer is a public charity with a mission to elevate the lives of those touched by cancer, to create a healthier world.

  • Talk to, learn from, express your fears, ask questions and network with breast patients going through chemotherapy as well as breast cancer survivors in the Des Moines area. This is a private Facebook group. You can request to be added to this group by emailing karenpeters@candocancer.org or your Patient Partner can add you.

  • Katie's Crusaders provides ongoing financial help and hope to local Iowa families who are dealing with breast cancer.

  • Strands of Strength (SoS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide wigs free of charge to needy women suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment.

  • LifeChronicles will schedule a video taping in your home to capture your personal story for years to come.

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