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Frequent Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about Can Do Cancer services.  If you can’t find what you're looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us at

  1. What area does Can Do Cancer serve?

    We provide services to breast cancer patients who receive chemotherapy at Des Moines and Ames treatment centers.

  2. Do I have to sign up for all services?

    No. You can select which services you’d like to sign up for when you enroll.

  3. What happens if I sign up for one service but later realize I need more help? 

    Contact your Patient Partner and she can assist with any changes to your services.

  4. What type of meals will be provided?

    Can Do Cancer provides restaurant gift cards so you can select the type of meals you and your family like.

  5. How many meals will I receive?

    Gift cards are provided for each chemotherapy treatment you have remaining after we receive your treatment schedule from your physician, up to a total of sixteen.

  6. What if my family doesn’t eat out at restaurants very often?

    Patients have the option to choose grocery store gift cards in place of restaurant cards.

  7. Can I choose my cleaning company?

    No. Can Do Cancer works with local cleaning companies that provide us with discounted rates for our patients. You can notify us if you have a preferred cleaning company, however, we can’t guarantee you will be matched with that company.

  8. How many cleanings will I receive?

    Cleanings are provided once per month while you are undergoing chemotherapy and begin after we receive your treatment schedule from your physician, up to a total of four.

  9. When do cleaning certificates expire?

    Cleaning certificates expire one month after you complete chemotherapy.

  10. What is motivational support?

    If you sign up for motivational support, a Can Do Cancer Patient Partner will meet with you to answer questions and serve as a confidential resource for you throughout chemotherapy. All of our Patient Partners are breast cancer survivors.

  11. How often will my Patient Partner contact me?

    When you enroll, you select how frequent you’d like your Patient Partner to check-in with you.

  12. Are Patient Partners trained therapists?

    No. Patient Partners are breast cancer survivors who understand what it’s like to have been diagnosed with cancer. They listen, share insights and provide emotional and motivational support.

  13. Is the information I share with my Patient Partner confidential?

    Yes, our Patient Partners will not share your conversations or questions with anyone unless you grant them permission. All of our Patient Partners undergo training and understand the importance of confidentiality.

  14. Are there income requirements to qualify for services?

    No. Services are available to all breast cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy at a Des Moines treatment center.

  15. What is the cost for Can Do Cancer services?

    All services are provided free to enrolled individuals.

  16. Are there any expectations for enrolled patients?

    - We ask that you complete a quick online survey when you are finished with our program. This feedback allows us to continue to make improvements.
    - We appreciate your help fundraising for Can Do Cancer after you complete treatment so we can continue to provide services at no-charge to future patients. There are tools on our website that make it easy for you to ask friends, family and co-workers to support Can Do Cancer.
    - We are always looking for additional volunteers to become Patient Partners. If you are interested in learning more please email

  17. Are you affiliated with any other organization or breast cancer support group?

    No. Can Do Cancer is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.